SCMYK Accessories (simply pronounced as ‘smik’ accessories) is founded in 2012 by Marielle van Bergen & Ray Habiboella. The ‘S’ in SCMYK is for Studio, and CMYK are the basic colors used in printing to create any color out there.

SCMYK Accessories is known for it’s strong recognizable designs in “colorful” fancy jewels, which fit in seamlessly with the actual (color) trends in stores & boutiques, seizing momentum every season.

The Fine Jewelry collection is another creative output where we emphasize the more “edgy” side of SCMYK Accessories. In the Fine Jewelry collection we work with high quality gold & rose gold plating and real silver.

All the jewelry is hand-made or hand finished with much loving and care by our amazing team in Bali, Indonesia. We strive to keep a keen balance between the best quality out there while being modest in pricing.

Over the years SCMYK Accessories became an inspiring international established jewellery label. Besides being available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, Norway and Sweden, since this season we are also available in Switzerland & Austria.

SCMYK Accessories aims for women to feel good about their selves. Life is good! Happiness & brightness, that’s what we are! We feel boundless and inspiring.